Sink or Swim?

One of the coolest things about coaching is coaching myself. I work with a couple of coaches in addition to ME. I have my personal coach and a business coach. And they are both fanTAStic. They hold me accountable and call me out on my s***—often!

Something I’ve learned by working with my coaches is to recognize my s*** and to call myself out on it. Talk about humbling. But it’s the way I learn best: by drawing the veil from my own eyes to see clearly what is holding me back.

I learned something really important today. I’ve been wallowing around in old thinking, an old mindset of not being good enough, not having enough and just who the hell do I think I am to start this new adventure three months before my sixtieth (yes, you read that right—60th) birthday? I’ve bought books about claiming my power and embracing abundance in all areas of my life. I’ve purchased notebooks, binders, folders, calendars, planners and apps. I created (with the help of my dear friend, thank you, Aaron) this website, and my Facebook page. I’ve joined groups of women business owners and reading groups and JEEEEEEEEEZ!! This is where I saw my s***. Right smack in the middle of all the reading and research and organizational tools. I am so grateful for all the tools, suggestions and books. I am grateful for the generosity of all who share their experience and knowledge to give others like me a leg up. But the more new material I find, the more the voice that I’ve let hold me back for years (I call her Cookie—she sounds like she’s from the Southside of Chicago) tells me, “See all this stuff you need to know? You don’t know squat!! You need to learn more! Buy more! Wait! Don’t step into that life you think you’re born for! Not yet! YOU’RE NOT READY!!!”

By doing all this STUFF, I let Cookie get the best of me and I lost sight of why I’m here and why I AM a coach.

I don’t know squat about making a vlog (you will agree if you go to my FB page) but I know what I can do, and that is help you dig down beyond what you may have been told you “should” do with your life. I can help you filter out the voices (we all have a “Cookie”) and the ones that aren’t your own, so you can hear clearly your heart’s desire. If you’re in recovery, as I am, we can create a plan for your new, sober self to live in this new, clean life. It’s hard at first to get to know yourself, your TRUE self, but it is such a joy to nurture that relationship, and such an honor for me to be a part of that.

So today, because I called myself out, I made my first video, sitting on my couch in the living room, with cats wrestling and meowing in the background, with terrible lighting and little makeup (getting over the flu). I jumped into the deep end, because that’s what I have to do. I have to get over the fear, embrace what I know to be best about me, and true, and jump in.

How about you? Ready to take that leap?

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