About me…
I have always watched for signs in my life. This is not to say I have always seen them, nor have I always followed them. But through the years, I have found and can confirm a couple of things:
The more I watch, the more I see.
The more I trust what I see, the more I follow and,
The more I follow, the better life becomes.
As an observer of the journeys of others, I enjoy helping them notice their own signs, to find their inherent road maps and to gain confidence in themselves to trust their inner compass. This can only lead them to greater good and to their best life.
Using active listening, objectivity, my own life experience and coaching tools, together we can find the path back to your true self, the self you arrived here as and who may have gotten misplaced along the way. That self is always there; let’s find it together.
About you…
If you’ve seen the movie “Clerks”, you know it’s not great cinema, but I found at least one message in it. Each time the main character’s day becomes more complicated he says, “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” From beginning to end, he blames anyone but himself for the disintegration of his day. He is a victim of his circumstances. Eventually his friend calls him out on his attitude, pointing out that only he has control over how this day turns out. He got himself into this mess, now it’s up to him to get himself out.
Does this sound like you? Over and over, there are signs practically hitting you over the head, pointing you in new directions. Do you see them or are you so focused on the old agenda, on what you’re “supposed” to do, what you have planned for the day, or for your life that you ignore them or more likely, you don’t trust them, don’t trust yourself.
So now to the point…you knew I’d get here eventually, didn’t you? We’re all supposed to be here, today and every day, for a great purpose. You may be miserable and stuck, seeing no signs. Or, you may see the signs, even FEEL them, hinting at new direction, new possibilities of a joyful life but you dare not step onto a new, unknown path. The known may be dull and unfulfilling but at least it’s KNOWN. We can identify those signs and get you feeling secure in your own truth, trusting your inner voice and allow you walk into the life you are meant to be living, filled with great expectations.

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